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About me

My name is Thaneshwar Kandel, originally from a remote village, Lekhani, which lies in Baglung district in Nepal. I am studying in the Netherlands at present.

Bichar Chautari is an opinion forum. The objective of this blog is to create a platform to share opinions about politics, economics, social development, and philosophy.

I am not a professional journalist neither am I a perfect author. I started this blog to express my opinions for self satisfaction. The readers can take part in discussion on the published post. I will appreciate you, if you leave your comment about the post after reading. Furthermore, If you also want to express your opinion  on any of above mentioned subjects through this blog, please do send me your creation. I will give them a suitable space.



10 Responses to “About me”

  1. Its really a task of high appreciation to create this kind of blog. It is said that Man is half himself and the other half is his expression and then he is now a complete man. Here i mean it is not necessary to be a author and a poet or journalist to express the feelings So keep it on. you can have better feelings , sufferings and understanding in any particular phenomena of human life so expose it, keep it up.
    Thank you all .

  2. man kaa kuraharu kunai eka madhyam bat satasat garnu ta ati utam kura ho tyas maa pani tapai euta upahaarko rup maa web site chhader sunma sugandha jhai bhaeko chha .

  3. man kaa kuraharu kunai eka madhyam bat satasat garnu ta ati utam kura ho tyas maa pani tapai euta upahaarko rup maa web site chhader sunma sugandha jhai bhaeko chha .dhanyabad

  4. thoughtdna said

    Hi, Stumbled in to your blog. Keep it up.

  5. Basanta said

    Nice blog! Keep up the good work.

  6. cb pun said

    my dear thaneshwor, it is very nice to read your blog. May god help u to fulfill your aim. Iam with you.
    chitra bahadur pun
    vill- lekhani
    w no -5
    presently serving in indian army.

  7. Shirish said


    I am Shirish, a reporter at the Kathmandu Post, and am doing a feature for the Saturday special on Blogging. The piece will come on 29th August, 09. I read your blog, and was wondering if you could be so kind as to answer some of my queries. I cannot guarantee that you will be quoted, but your help will definitely let the readers know more of blogging in Nepal.

    You may answer all, or any question you feel like answering. You may provide any extra information, and your name, real or an ID, but must understand that you may be quoted by the Post. Please mail your answers to

    What is your occupation?

    What age group do you think you fall in: <16, 16-31, 31-49, 49-65, above 65?

    Why do you blog?

    When did you start blogging from? Why?

    What makes you keep blogging, without any strong incentive?

    How many bloggers do you think are there in Nepal?

    Do you regularly read other bloggers? How many, and how many are Nepali?

    Do you believe that a blog can really make a difference? If yes, How?

    I hope the questions are not too bothersome.

    Happy Writing!


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