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Ungrateful people

Posted by Thaneshwar on नोभेम्बर 22, 2009

What are achievements in life? Is it only the benefit that you get or also the benefit someone gets because of your help, assistance, contribution, idea, suggestion, and feedback?

For me achievements in life are sum of these all factors. So I believe I have achieved so much in my life. But sometimes I become sad when someone gets benefits because of me but doesn’t realize it and wants to show up that he is better than me and begins to criticize me in the backdoor. I hate such people but still I am helping such selfish giants.

There are some so called intellectual people as well  who respects feedbacks and comments in principle but never realize it as a to do list. I have frequently faced such situations. I am a straight forward person so what I see with my friends and the organizations associated with me; I help a lot for sought and unsought help. I am also forward in the field of contribution as well. Similarly, I also give feedbacks and suggestions that are important for individuals and the organizations. It hurts me when they defend me just to hide their weakness. This is the critical stage for me. People defend feedbacks and try to hide their weakness.  The worst thing to face is that when they take your suggestions as emotional and use dirty political tricks to prove that you are wrong and inferior to them and trouble you a lot. But why don’t they realize that weakness will defiantly fail them soon and they are the barriers for their progress. So I’m wondering shall I also follow, ‘Ideas are to be sold but not to be told.’


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