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English Language- importanace and danger

Posted by Thaneshwar on अक्टोबर 18, 2008

You must know the number of native speakers (mother tounge) of the world’s top ten languages. If not, know it today. The numbers are given in million.

1. Chinese : 726 m

2. English : 427m

3. Spanish : 266m

4. Hindi : 182 m

5. Arabic : 181m

6. Portuguese : 165m

7. Bengali : 162m

8. Russian : 158m

9. Japanese: 124m

10. German :  121m

Source: The Cambridge Factfinder, Cambridge University Press

A quarter of the planet currently speaks English. That’s one and a half billion people, two-thirds of whom speak it as a foreign language. The number of English speaking people is increasing everyday. For most, it’s not a question of choice but of necessity, as English has rapidly become the first language of business, science and popular culture. Three-quarters of the world’s email is in English. So are four out of five e-mails and most of what you find on the internet.

Do you know which language was the apex language of the world before English ? French! Yes, French was the apex language before English. Do you also know twenty languages disappear every year because nobody speaks them anymore. At that rate by the end of the 21st century almost a third of the world’s languages will be dead so not everyone welcomes this linguistic monopoly. Here in Europe France and German seems to be against such monopoly. In the Netherlands, where I am currently living, many people do understand English and can speak good English but don’t want to use it unless it is really required.

So becareful ! Love your own language and at the same time don’t ignore and overemphasize the importance of English language as well.


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