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Consistency in thoughts and deeds

Posted by Thaneshwar on सेप्टेम्बर 22, 2008

These days I am wondering why not many people keep consistency in their thoughts and deeds. Be it a politician, a social worker or a close friend, I barely find consistency in their thoughts and deeds. What do I mean by consistency here is If I say I am a nice person and then act unpleasantly towards others, then I am breaking the law of consistency. Political leaders oppose and protest against the government’s programme and activities when considered not good for the people but when they ascend in the government they forget their history, principles and promises to the people. Friends make a promise and break them easily even for a petty benefit! What appears for me these days is many people use thoughts, principles and make promise because of ego so that they fail to apply them in their practical life.

Some other major problems are people make their perception on others without knowing the truth and try to prove their perception using irrelevant assumptions. But soon, without any substantial changes, they change their perception and act easily quite opposite to their earlier perception. So why not to spend time and knowledge to form a perception?  Acting inconsistently will, of course, not endear anyone to other people who might socially ostracize him for his transgressions. But who cares?

When words and actions disagree, people will assume that a person’s intentions are more closely aligned with what they do rather than what they say. An effect of this is that when someone act inconsistently with his declarations, other people will see him as being untrustworthy, and hence will at best not believe him in future, and at worst will reject him as worthy of their attention.

What I have been noticing is inconsistency in thoughts and deeds has caused political instability in many developing countries including my own country Nepal, relation break way among friends and family and so many.


I wish I should not act inconsistently in my life.




One Response to “Consistency in thoughts and deeds”

  1. Bill from Amsterdam said

    Dear friend,

    Yes could it be that easy and not so painful to the heart
    which cares …

    But the reality of nature is that there are four elements, people
    struggle with: earth, water, fire and air. All four brings different lessons. Each of these elements is extremely consistent: Fire will always burn, Water will always be wet, Earth will always be dense and air will always be up-lifting.

    There are also 3 guna’s or stages in life to go through:
    Tamas-nature or body-period, Rajas-culture or ego/soul-period and at last Satwa or wisdom of life-period. You find this in every culture all around the world.

    Some even claim that there is a True Self to be known.

    So it is a bumpy road ahead, but in old age you become mild and forgiving, because you see it is all quite amazing.

    And Yes as long as you propagate goodness, you will find a lot of ugliness and bad people. And if you try politics, having the inclination to do good for the people around you, make sure you have overcome your fear … (not for people, but for the fierce elements), because you will face tremendous adversity.

    Thanks for trying to find out … in your own unique way.

    Bill from Amsterdam

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