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Nepali Congress and Democracy in Nepal

Posted by Thaneshwar on फ्रेवुअरी 26, 2008

Until and unless Nepali Congress Party democratises, Nepali democracy can’t revitalise.

                                           by, Thaneshwar Kandel

Major political parties of Nepal have selected the candidates for most awaited constituent assembly election for both proportional and First-Past-the-Post system. The selection of Nepali Congress candidates for CA election has stunned the congressmen and democrats who had expected that congress will refrain from selecting its corrupt leaders. My nightmare turned out to be true. What a democratic system has been persistent in Nepali congress, the most popular student leader, Gagan Thapa, who raised the voice for CA election and republican has been sidelined but most of the corrupt leaders such as Govinda Raj Joshi, Khum Bahadur Khadka, Chiranjeebi Wagle etc. are awarded the ticket.

This is a vivid example that NC leadership who doesn’t recognize people’s voices. All sister organizations from Joshi’s and Wagle’s constituencies had written to NC leadership and requested not give ticket to these leaders. These corrupt leaders have not been to district for years if not months. These leaders are not popular and there is rare chance for their victory in this election. Then, the question remains why these leaders are awarded tickets?

NC’s decision makers (primarily this time, Sushil Koirala, Sher Bahadur Deuba and Ram Chandra Poudel) have to explain its activists why these tainted leaders have been chosen for the election. What are the rationales? Why other hardworking cadres from Gorkha, Tanahun and Dang were by passed? All the democrats want to know why NC leadership has unfairly protected these corrupt leaders? Aren’t these leaders one of the main reasons for last 17 years’ failed democracy?

During Jan Andolan II, these corrupt leaders did not join a single mass protest. Mr. Joshi wanted to attend a program at Gongabu, but he was turned away by NSU activists. NSU activist were worried about possible backfire from Joshi’s presence. There is no single record of these corrupt leaders participating in the Jan Andolan II.

Since 1990, only contribution from these leaders I can see is that they always fought for powerful portfolio. I remember Khum Bahadur not taking oath for weeks, when he did not get the portfolio he wanted. It has been all about money. Their corruption cases are still pending and they were released from custody on technicality. Not because they were proven innocent.

My faith on NC leadership is dwindling. I have not found any reasons to be hopeful about current leadership and NC’s future. Give me one good reason, why should honest congress activists campaign for Chiranjeevi Wagle, whose entire family members became millionaire in his tenure? Why should they support the Head Master turned filthy rich Govinda Raj Joshi? Or why do they support Khum Bahadur who openly said “If I do not take the bribe, my secretary will take it.”

NC has failed to retrieve its fame even after Jan Andolan II which was expected according to the promises they had made to the countrymen. Appointment of corrupt Sujata Koirala as de facto prime minister and its corrupt leaders as candidates for CA election depicts that congress doesn’t want to be improved at all. This is an unfortunate for Nepali Congress , Nepali democracy  and the country as a whole. Fights for democracy in the past were succeeded with an incredible support from the democrats around the world. The later consider only NC a true democratic party in Nepal. They don’t still believe to Leftists. So until and unless Nepali Congress Party democratises, Nepali democracy can’t revitalise.


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