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GP Koirala: A devious character of Nepali politics

Posted by Thaneshwar on जनवरी 21, 2008

                                                               by, Thaneshwar Kandel

Most of the politicians and political activists of Nepal join politics because of ego and selfishness. Most of their objective is just to grab benefits talking about/for people. They do everything to benefit themselves. In all the political parties, there are many gangs of dishonest selfish JANTUs. However, there are some honest and selfless politicians also but whose voice is never heard so their involvement in decision making and planning is almost ‘O’. They are only used as tools to defend the allegations charged against the party and its devious leadership.

Today in this blog I am going to raise an issue why and who for politics is. In my opinion all the citizens should be aware of politics but only those who can contribute and sacrifice themselves should be involved in politics. Today I am mainly focusing about the devious culture that has been persistent within Nepali congress.

The Nepali Congress Party is the oldest democratic political party of Nepal. The objective of its inception was to establish a democratic country; Nepal. Its principles are based on the democratic norms and values. It has adopted democratic political philosophy. Nepalese people had hoped that once democracy establishes in the country, congress will lead the country democratically.

It is a matter of great regret that Nepali congress abandoned the democratic culture and practices after it went to the power.  It could not fulfil the minimum aspirations of Nepalese people. Congress had to have clear vision about the development of Nepal. It didn’t pay its proper attention to decentralize the state power, maintain rule of law, impart scientific and practical education and create employment opportunity. Rather its leadership turned selfish. They engaged on corruption. Even honest politicians and activists of Nepali congress suffered a lot when it went to power. Ill political practices such as formation of pro and anti lobby culture institutionalized inside Nepali congress.


GP Koirala (center) grapples with the police while trying to reach a restricted area at New Road in Kathmandu during 2nd people movement 2062/63.

GP Koirala struggled throughout his life for democracy. Even in the age of 85 he is more active than other congress leaders. He has the biggest responsibility of the country in his shoulder. But why can’t he work democratically when he reaches to the power? Doesn’t he want or his close aides don’t allow him?

Democrats believe on rule of law. They are accountable to the people. They take moral responsibility of the failure. Ganeshman Sing, supreme commander of first people movement of Nepal, showed his optimum generosity and democratic character and gave the post of prime-ministership to his colleague, KP Bhattarai which was initially offered to him after the success of first people movement of the year 2046 BS. Once the Nepalese people gave two third of majority to Nepali congress in the first parliamentary election of the year 2048 BS. GP Koirala became the Prime Minister of Nepal. Since he was the younger brother of BP Koirala he was believed to bring necessary reforms in the country and run the government according to the democratic philosophy and party’s principles. Ganeshman sing raised the issues of proportional representation of marginalized groups in the state, which has become the hot cake of present Nepal. GP Koiral pushed him aside. Since then government led by GP Koirala and Nepali congress party deviated from its principles. Serious disputes emerged inside the party. GP Koirala tried to establish family politics misusing party and government power. He dissolved the parliament and called the mid-term election instead of resolving the issues raised by dissident group through democratic process.

He betrayed his leader KP Bhattarai in the mid-term election of 2051 BS so KP Bhattarai lost the election. Koirala led governments indulged in corruption all the time. The ego problem and love of the chair and the power reached to momentum in the Koirala circle which led the fraction of Nepali congress in the year 2059 into Nepali Congress and Nepali Congress (Democratic). Nepalese people were very upset seeing the dirty games of Nepali congress leaderships. Congress’s failure to lead the country democratically  fueled to the Maoists insurgency. King Gyanedra also launched coup amidst the aspiration for peace of the Nepalese people. Nepali congress along with other parliamentary political parties announced agitation programmes against King Gyanendra. Desperate people had already lost their hopes towards those political parties. So there was a very low support and presence of general public in such agitation programmes. Then Congress tried to address the aspiration for peace of Nepalese people by bringing the Maoist into main political stream. Maoists also had concluded that their armed insurgency would never establish their reign in Nepal. So after many rounds of talks parliamentary parties and Maoist came to a common consensus and launched their agitations against King Gyandera. Both the political parties and Maoists promised with Nepalese people not to repeat their past mistakes so civil society and people from all walks of life involved actively against the king’s coup. Ultimately king Gyanendra knelt down against the people power and reinstated the parliament according to the road map put forth by SPA.

After the success of second people’s movement, it was believed that political parties will be improved and will not repeat their past nonsense. But this belief is loosing its weight. The SPA government failed to hold CA election three times and it is indulged in the same past ill practices.


Sujata Koirala

What has come as a surprise is that those corrupt leaders of Nepali congress are being organized now and attempting to re-gain the power. Sujata Koirala, daughter of GP Koirala, whose contribution to Nepali politics is almost zero, is leading the group. Prime- minister GP Koirala who has already declared Nepal a federal republican state appointed his pro-royalist daughter, minister without portfolio but in reality  de facto deputy Prime Minister . He even didn’t think necessary to discuss this issue in the central committee meeting of Nepali congress. His latest move has once again made all skeptical on his intention and many are questioning, ‘Hasn’t congress learnt any lesson yet?’


3 Responses to “GP Koirala: A devious character of Nepali politics”

  1. guma said

    dai it is nice article even short try to touch each aspect of his life .wish ur writting will b e a pillar i n nepali jurnal.belgium

  2. Really said

    She is Bitch,
    All top level of Leaders from Nepali Congress had used to enjoy with her, not only leaders, to many political worker were happy, she made fun time to so many uncountable people.
    she probably heard Maoist leader can give her more fun than she had having…that is also true beautiful woman has two option, either one Bitch ( Randi or Ghamandi) & Proud, she is both.. No doubt


  3. Kashi said

    Absolutely Right.

    Yes, they are wicked “JHANTU” ( fit to say …. haaaaaa )

    Go All “JHANTU” to hell soon to avoid destruction !!

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