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Why are we people becoming self-centered?

Posted by Thaneshwar on जनवरी 8, 2008

                                                    by, Thaneshwar Kandel


Today it’s not hard to find selfish people around you! People are becoming self-centered /selfish day by day and never care others. I have seen some people who only care their family and some people who care nobody except themselves. A few months ago we had a discussion about sex in our classroom with the macroeconomics teacher. My teacher and fellow students concluded that a man can make sex with other woman even if he has a girl friend or a wife at home. Then I asked them if they can hold same opinion with their girl friend and wife also. All of them, almost at the same time, nodded and replied, NO MAN! Then I questioned them if a man who has girl friend or a wife at home can make sex with other woman outside, why can’t a woman? Then my teacher asked to dismiss the discussion. This is only one of the instances of selfishness.

Don’t think me negative my friend, because it may be hard to believe for you in the beginning but this is an acute truth that selfish nature has deep rooted in the mind of modern people. People betray their girl friend. Numbers of divorce cases are ever soaring. Family disputes are increasing day by day? Politicians who sacrifice for everything before reaching the power turn selfish as soon as they grab the power. Public servants turn selfish and engage in bribery. Children remain apathy towards their parents once they achieve little success. You can see many old people abandoned by their children. How fast do people forget all the contributors behind their success and run away instead of fulfilling their duty. Why don’t they think they also have to get old/sick once? I wonder looking at some people who always complaint to others but never think their responsibility. Why do people forget their responsibilities as they never forget their rights? Why do we call ourselves social animal, what left to become animal?


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